Freedom From Worries

Kaiser DentalAt PDA, the headaches and stress of running a business are taken care of so that you are free to devote yourself to what you love most and do best: daily management of your clinical practice. Kaiser Foundation Health Plan enrolls members in dental plans; hires and manages hygienists, assistants and administrative staff; and provides fully equipped dental offices.



Quotes From PDA Dentists

“It’s a huge relief to have personnel administration, financial management and all the other heavy responsibilities of running a business managed for you at PDA.”

“I like being able to leave the clinic at the end of the day and have a life, instead of worrying 24/7 about running a business. Having a good quality of life is important to me.”

“I enjoy being able to build my own practice within KP Dental. I like being able to create the treatment plans for my patients, and my colleagues do a great job of covering for me if one of my patients needs to be seen while I’m away.”