Our Mission & Values


Our Mission

PDA’s mission is to provide the best oral health care to every patient through evidence-based dentistry within a group practice setting.



Our Values

INTEGRITY:  We are uncompromising, principled, and rigorously honest, with all our actions we support of our vision. It means we are trustworthy and committed.


QUALITY:  We provide care that is peer-reviewed and evidence based. It is timely care that is patient centered, resulting in proven health outcomes.


CLARITY:  We are consistent, focused and disciplined, and our actions are aligned with our vision. Clarity is clear, concise communication.


COLLABORATION:  We are committed to inclusive, selfless, respectful teamwork. Collaboration is listening with an openness to dialogue.


INNOVATION:  We are inquisitive, creative, energetic and forward-thinking. Innovation is implementing at the leading edge of knowledge, adding to the body of evidence that will be shaping our vision.