Our Vision

Practice of choice for patients

Convenient, personalized care in a professional environment

We are a patient centered group practice focused on accessibility, convenience, service, evidence-based care, and professionalism. We are uncompromising in quality and trusted to do what is right.  Our patients recognize total health as the integration of oral health and overall health. They value the expanded role we play in their overall health and have fewer “care gaps” and lower long term healthcare costs.

All interactions set the tone for a great patient experience. The appointing process is easy and efficient. Patients feel welcome and enjoy prompt service. Our modern facilities and professional environment enhance our patients’ total care experience.

We offer exceptional personalized and compassionate care in line with our patients’ values and preferences. Our high quality and focus on prevention engages them and results in stellar satisfaction.

Patient engagement, disease prevention and patient wellness have become a reality. We help people be healthy.

Practice of choice for dentists & care teams

Satisfying careers and professional opportunities

We are the group practice of choice in the nation, a center of excellence in our community, and a leader in healthcare innovation.

Dentists feel valued and enjoy the collegial atmosphere. We effectively balance clinical practice goals with personal vision and life goals

We invest in clinical excellence and personal success. Permanente Dental Associates, P.C. (PDA) offers an impressive array of professional development opportunities unparalleled in other group and private practice models. We offer multiple career tracks including roles in operational leadership, teaching, mentoring, research, technology, and community outreach, cultivating solid leaders for our future.

We are clinical leaders in our offices. We model excellence with our Kaiser Permanente (KP) support staff, build confidence in their abilities with a feeling of support in achieving their full potential. Our care teams fully embrace their roles, maximize their capabilities for personal growth and job satisfaction, and take initiative to meet the needs of both our patients and KP Dental.

We use state of the art technology and our dentists have easy access to the tools, materials and resources they need. We are fully supported by our professional administrative team, leadership team and board of directors, who understand and represent our interests and skillfully guide us into the future.

We are recognized in the dental community for our clinical excellence, leadership in evidence-based dentistry, and our integrated model of care. Our dynamic group is the coveted practice of choice.

Practice of choice in the market

Recognized by market share and financial success

We, as part of Kaiser Permanente Dental, are the recognized leader in the strategic market segments where we choose to compete. Brokers, employers and individuals prefer our competitively priced plans and members appreciate the tremendous value of their total health experience. Through partnerships with Kaiser and the Permanente groups we are uniquely positioned to address the healthcare crisis. It is our competitive advantage.

We are highly valued members of Kaiser Permanente’s healthcare team. The NW region has fully embraced dental care as part of its overall strategy and core business. PDA is an essential part of an integrated system that Kaiser Permanente NW promotes in their marketing and advertising campaigns around total health.

We are rewarded with outstanding support from the region, including capital investment in infrastructure and technology necessary to sustain our superior position in the market. We have expansion plans in place because other regions recognize the value of our integrated model.

We are financially solid. We have the financial resources to act on opportunities and mitigate threats. We are good stewards of our resources, utilizing them responsibly to reward dentists, reinvest in the dental program, and appropriately fund our obligations.

Partner of choice

Creating win-win relationships that serve our total health mission

Relationships with our strategic partners are built on mutual respect and a focus on benefiting our patients, our community, our dental program, and Kaiser Permanente.

We are partners in total health with the Permanente medical groups. Dental home is a valued and recognized tenant in the larger integrated medical home.

We partner with technology leaders to develop information systems that transform healthcare delivery.

We partner with academic institutions and invest in the development of the next generation of health care providers, test innovative delivery models, and foster new generations of researchers.

Our research partnerships with the center for health research (CHR) and the national dental practice based research network (NDPBRN) result in publications which add to the body of evidence that defines the care provided in our community.

We are recognized as a leader in healthcare policy and as a great community partner. PDA dentists and staff are highly regarded and many organizations in the community sponsor our events and invest in healthcare initiatives to benefit diverse and underserved populations.

We partner with large employers to offer their employees innovative access to dental care right at the employer’s site.

We are renowned as true leaders in the profession with confidence and integrity.